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Introduction to Bada

Around 350-375 years ago the village Bada is situated in the district of Mandvi which is in the state Kutch in Gujrat. At that time, the main occupation was farming. So that's why the occupation of ancestors of Bada was farming so they didn't get the time for extra activities when they get the time

free from farming they use to do religious activities or arranged dinner parties for the villagers. The get to gather, parties and other activities were held in Mahajanvadi. To come and go out of the village the only transportation was the bullock card so they built guesthouse for the travelers in the village.

After long time, the time was changed and people were making progress because of the less rain. There was not much in framing products so people started to settle in foreign countries and mainly in Mumbai because of the economical reasons. People came less in the village, but occasionally they have to come to village for a week or for 15 days and needed supper houses and guesthouses. Which were built by the help of donators and with the efforts of the others. 64 years ago, the encouraging people of Bada have start educational, cultural and health related activities.

They started nursery, primary school, library, drinking water facilities and public hospital in the village. The Mahajan of the village encouraged to built high school for the higher education, medication center, highly facilitate Mitridham Sankul, the building of supper house and buttermilk center. Which were also became possible because of the village activists and donors.

Bada has smart people as well as money. Because of the highly education interest of high school's protectors. Shri Vasantbhai Ravale, Bada's educational institutes are well known in district area because of such intellects and donors the village not only make the progress but also made the village proud.

In Bada there are many religious places, memories and public buildings to visit.

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