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Introduction To Bidhda

The second highest populated district of India is Kutch and Bidhda comes first in the highest population of Visa Oswal Jains. According to the manuscripts of Bhatts, the Visa Oswal came from Vagad in 1565 according to Hindu calendar. In the west of the recent village resides wells and near to them resides Banyan tree that was considered to be Bidhda's border.

But many years ago the place at the Shelor well that was near the Darbar Fariya at the East Side of the village was considered the boarder of the Bidhda. The Shalor well in east and the
Madhi in the west north side of the village are considered as the oldest buildings of the village.This well is dried now. At the madhi, there are Lord Shankar's Temple, Satimata's memorials and many stones of Visa Oswal, situated. The memorials of Jain's and Gormaharaj's slippers are in the holes of walls near the Lord Shankar's Temple.

Among the Jains of Bidhda there are 6 religious sectors with few exceptions in religious matters there is harmony. There was no Darasar around 1900 according to Hindu calendar. First of all the devotees of Asambia built Chintamani Parshvanath Prabu's Derasr. After that the main Bhagwan Adinath's splendid derasar was built that has high spires compare to the statues of the
other Derasars of other villages, the statues of this derasars are big and huge. Today also first visits the Chintamani Parshwnath Bhagwan. This Derasar was completed in 1972 according to Hindu calendar, in 2016;

Chaumuki Bhagwan's Derasr was built and opened. In the presence of Param Pujya Kushalchandra Maharaj Saheb, the darmashala was built in 2 months, which is comparatively bigger than the dharmshala's of nearby other villages. The devotees built the small dharmshala of the village from Koday. Jain Sadhus stays in this dharmshala and devotees do religious activities in Big Dharmashala. Common meetings of all Bidhda Visa Oswal Mahajan are also held here. Shri Malshi Ladha Dharmashala is given to the Bidhda Murtipujak Slang. Near Darbar Fariya resides the Upashray of Tapgach. Mandu's Gujrar devotees build Aath Moti Paksh Sthanak. There is a separate Sthanak for Aath Koti Nani Paksh. And there is a sperate sthanak to Chah Koti Stankawasis.


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