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Introduction to Dumra

Dumra resides at the end of the district of Mandvi and at the beginning of the district of Abadasa. It resides on Mandvi - Naliya highway, 42 km away from Mandvi.

In this part of Abadasa, Maldharis were raising cattle here, 400-500 years ago. Mokhas and Higoras was the main to live in this area. Once a ship of Arab troubled by the storm and landed on the dock here at Kutch. There were 7 brothers and a sister in this ship. They came walking from Jakkho dock to here, where now reside the place of Dumrapir. The scented bushes of Dumra made them stay here. One of them was known as Dumrapir. Thus the village of Dumra emerged here. Ancestors of Karani of Jain Oswal came here first 200-250 years ago.

The leader of the village troubled Maldes who came from Luni and Bhujpur and so they came to Vijan and Kotdi and lived there. During this time, there were internal troubles going on. That's why Kotdi Jagir allowed the leader of Malde called Nagajanbapa who was leaving the place, to farm the land as much as he can and that much land will be his. He farmed with his black colored ox and so his descendants are called Karani. Jain, Surma, Jadeja, Vaishnav, Harijan and their sub casts and other cast resides in Dumra.

There are different institutions and different social and public places in the village of Dumra.

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