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Introduction to Merao

In the district of Mandvi, the village Merao is situated 8 km in west from Mandvi. The village of Merao is built nearly in 1595 according to Hindu calendar. At that times the village was called "Khandha" and was situated in thee west across the river, in the area called "Kandhoda", from the recent habitat. "Changlani" tribe of Muslims built the recent village of Merao. The name of the main man of the tribe was Meru and so the name Merao was given to the village. Later some "Ayar" farmers came here and prepared some land in the village to do farming. So the ancestors of the village were Muslims and Ayar farmers. The old well at the river and place where the cattle of the village drank water were made at those times.

Later in 16th or 17th century, according to Hindu calendar, the King of Ketch Ravshri Raydhanji's fifth prince Gopalji Faradi came on rule. Gopalji's prince Banbhniyaji got Merao under his rule. For the progress of the village Shri Banbhniyaji's son Sattaji called farmers of Visa Oswal Mahajan from near by other villages to Merao for farming and gave them lands to farming and to live. Through the encouragement of Jadejas and the settlements of Visa Oswal Jain, the village started progressing. Because of the fertilized land for farming and lot of water in the village, people attracted to the village and the population started to grow. As time progressed, in the middle of 19th century, the Kanbi farmers started to come. Every cast of people stayed together and encouraged and participated in the progress of Merao.

According to the "History of Kutch" written by Shri Atmaram Keshvji in 1928 that according to Hindu calendar, the population of Merao was 1009 at those times.

On the basis of today's Democracy, the total population of Merao under the rule of Grampanchayat, including the locals as well as people in foreign lands, is 3500, half of them are out in other regions for business and jobs. The main occupation of Merao is farming; Jains and Kanbis are the main local depends on farming and business. Outside Merao, Jains are doing different kinds of businesses or good jobs whereas Kanbis are working and doing jobs in foreign countries like Dubai, Maskat and Salala. The ancestors of Merao, the Changlani Muslims and Ayar farmers have no single house in the village. Other Muslims, who are in the village sells vegetables, look after the cattle and works as laborers. The educated young persons of Harijan works at government and semi-government services. At the educational level Merao is no loner at the back, 60 to 70% of the population here is educated.

For the progress of the village, institutes like Shri Merao Jai Mahajan, Shri Merao Jyoti Mitr Mandal, Shri Merao Grampanchayat and Merao Sahakari mandli has distributed the activities of the village among them.


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