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Introduction to Motikhakhar

In Kutch's Mundra district, 25 km in west from Mundra, & in Green Bay of Arabic Sea resides the village of Motikhakhar. According to history and information from the ancestors we can say that 'Gangars' arrived first here. Fertile and rich land, pleasant weather and friendly habitats made different laborers to come and settle here.
In 'Visa Oswal', there were mainly "Murtipujak" Jains but then according to Hindu calendar, in 1816 there came "Sthanakvasi" Jains in Kutch and laid their foundations in Motikhakhar in 1872.

Ancestors of Motikhakhar had adopted farming as their profession and live simple life, wore simple clothes and led their lives religiously. But at the times of inexpensive lives, to earn money was very difficult. So the ancestors started to look forward to do business abroad. Many of them came to Mumbai in 1850 according to Hindu calendar. Some also started business in Burma and settled there approximately a century ago.

In the field of religion, from the Holy Land of Motikakhar, many people has taken "Diksha" and made the village proud. Many elderly people have worked for the public and socially beneficial works using their intellect; experience and willingness to work which made the village to take proud of them. The people of Motikakhar has not only proud their village but also made name for their village in foreign lands.
Many of them are away from their motherland; working and staying abroad but their motherland resides in their hearts.




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