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Introduction to Nana Asambia

40 km from Bhuj and 20 km from Mandvi, the village of Nana Asambia is situated on Bhuj-Mandvi main road. In 1953 according to Hindu calander, Asmbia came under the rule of Jadeja Hardhodji.

Hardhodji was the son of one of the five queens of Kutch's rav Shri Tamachji. He ruled the village with his brothers for about 5 years but he left it because of family crisis. He dicided to build a new place called Tumibhatt near the village of Talavana and he sent Khetshisha to look around the place. On the advise of Khetshisha, Hardhodji built "Bhatt" village on north side of the village Asambia. This village is known as Nana Asambia now. After Hardhodji, Lakhdhirji and his brothers ruled the village. After 15th August 1947 when India got its freedom, Nana Asmbia along with Kutch came under the rule of Indian Government on 1st of June 1948 and it was the end of the monarchy of Kutch's last King late Maharavshri Madanji.

Khetshisha has built a big pond which is known as Khetsha pond. He also built a well on the west side of the village known as Shelor.

Khetshisha had Samadhimaran, but also promised villagers that he will come back whenever they need him and people say that he did came again and again whenever the village was in danger. So people also does Pankhi and Pahedi on his name in every month of Chitra according to Hindu calander.

There are many different places in the village like religious places, deucational places, general services' offices and many more.


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