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Introduction to Samaghogha

When we look at the glorious past of the village samaghogha which is situated at the banks of the river Fot, the village was under the rule of city Madi along with other villages in 1720, according to Hindu calendar that
means in 1664, the village was shared by the two princely brothers, price Garjanji and Karshanji they have built 'Darbar Gadh' in the middle of the village with three stairs of building which helped in protecting the village from outsiders. Mainly people from the city Madi came to settle here. Among them, first came ' Gurjar' businessmen and then Jain saint Goraji who helped Jains to come here and settle them in the village.

On the basis of the old remains of the village we can prove that the main village was situated in south from where the recent village is, among the farms and near the place where the 'Hanumanji' is situated the banks of the river Fot were not high and because of that it ruined the village when it folded, so for the safety the village, the village started to move slowly to the north side. People who first to come in the village were ' Kathi', 'Ghal', 'Khod', 'Gogha' and 'Sama' and that why the name Samaghoga must be given to the village as predicted. According to the ancient proof, in the West Side of the village is situated a temple of price Togachigi who died saving Samaghoga. The inscription on a stone that is here is made at 1743 according to Hindu cleared and that of 1608.

The people of different casts like Jain, Jadeja, Hoja, Rajput, Barot, Sumra, Harijan were residing in the village. Gurjar Jains was mainly did businesses and landed money to others. Adventurous Hoja's ventured in doing businesses in foreign lands. Saha Murada who came from Bukhara and lived in Mundra, Price Togachji called Saha Murada's brother Pirmamad and settled him in Samaghogha and then Pirmamad spent his life in serving others and as a philanthropist. When he died, they made his Dargah and worship him as a 'Pir'. In the golden times of Khojas, they built well near riverbank, mosque inn, etc. Mr. Hussainbhai Lalji of Sumar family, became the mayor of Mumbai during British rule at the age of 80 and with his strength and smartness, the brave Hamirji save Samagogha from the hands of fanatical Mamadmiyan. They have picture of his brave at Kutch museum. Mr. Virji Dayabhai from our society, who was famous as a king of rice at Burma was also appointed as the director of the Reserve bank of Burma and was given the respected rank of 'Rav Bahdur' by the British government. Mr. Gagubhai Punshi Sangoi who was known as the grandfather of the business of ready garments was the governor at the rotary club Madura. Mr. Amrutlal Dharamshi Dhana who was in mumbai's Civil Defense and played an important role in 1971 Indo-Pak war was hounded by the President of India. He was the first member of our society who got this honor


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