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The Origins of Folk Music

Music is harmony, harmony is excellence,
Excellence is our dream and our dream is paradise.

Nature is comprehensive with music in its all moods a peaceful smell of wind rustling through high pines, the speedy flow of streams over rocks, the jaltarang of rain drops on window panes, the breaking of ever-restless sea weaves on the shore, the serene ale of Koel on moonlit nights.

Man is born with an internal hunger for self-expression of his creative instincts and imaginative urges. He always required an expression of his instincts and urges in harmony with nature. Like nature, the moods and emotional responses of man to different life situations have found and opening through the standard of music. The emotion of joy and happiness, of ambition and longings, of accomplishment and achievement of massive love and tragedy, all find expression through observations of music.

Music is an important part of our lives from structure to the critical. The gentle lullabies of a young mother, the inspiring odes on legendary heroes, the melody of sonnets on magical lovers, the musical extravaganzas on spread days, the versified tributes paid to the saints are early manifestations of folk music which people in all climes and regions have conserved through vicissitudes of time as their respected background and tradition.

The origin of folk music is traced to the indefinite speech or expressions with sound of the prehistoric man who existed thousands of years ago. A man in his ancient stage was producing different sounds for expressing his emotions, and at that time this sound was his music. Then regularly the music developed and it became known as folk music. Therefore folk music is a music in which a man expresses his emotions and passions through playing, singing and dancing freely and obviously without accepting any imaginary rules and regulations.

Musical instruments are related with different aspects of the background of people, different religious taboos, worships etc. They permit us to understand the social and religious traditions. The musical instruments of a relaxed region can help to understand the nature and temperament of the people living there in. The study of musical instruments is as important as the study of subjects like history, science and literature.

Bhorrindo is fast going into unconsciousness.

In Kutch, It is known as Bhorrindo. While in other parts of Sind, it is also known as Borrindo or Borendo. It is a very antique folk instrument of music. Bhorrindo is a simple vacant dirt ball or like an egg twisted with three four holes, one fairly larger than the others. The holes are arranged in an isosceles triangular form. The Bhorrindo is made out of soft alluvial soil available in abundance everywhere in the central Indus Valley (Mohenjodaro) culture. Being of the simplest make, it is made even by children. Some adults make find Bhorrindoes of larger size, set ceramics designs on them, and then dry out them. These scorched Bhorrindoes with pottery designs are the later evolved forms of this folk instrument, which appears to have been used in its simple unbaked form since times immemorial. The Bhorrindo may be regarded as the most prehistoric musical instrument of the Lower Indus Valley.

The sound notes are produced by blowing a bit parallel into the larger hole. Finger tips are placed on the smaller holes to regulate the notes. It is easy to play and hence its popularity among children and young who sound sweet notes on it while grazing the cattle.

Bhorrindo is known in the western world as Ochirina or Ocarina. The beautiful sound of double flute as well as the sweet singing of various birds like Babbler, Common Ibis, Vulture etc. and whistling of a train can be heard from Bhorrindo easily. The author is trying to keep its survival and its revival this disappearing folk instrument for some years. Due to his continuous efforts, he has got a success. The author has created a younger boy of 12 years Shri Osmangani Abdreman Kumbhar for playing Bhorrindo. Shri Osmangani Kumbhar plays the Bhorrindo in such a way that anyone is attracted to him at the first sight while listening to him.


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