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The Flora of Kutch

Kutch has lots of varieties of Acacia trees. Some of Acacia trees are Acacia Senegal, Acacia Leucophloea, and Acacia Nilotica etc. The Mesquite is a leguminous plant and it grows in the arid regions. The wild exotic plants were brought from South America and they were grown to stop the spread of the deserts and the soil-errosion. These plants are also called ‘Gando Bawal' (Prosopis Juliflora).Some of these plants are also used as cattle-feed. The coastal area has some halophytes specis named Suaeda, Sporobolus and Urochondra etc. Mangroves like Avicinnia Marina, Avicinnia Officianalis and Rhizophera Mucronata are found in the muddy creek areas.

The best fodder providing tree named ‘Koo-Babul' is also grown in Kutch. It has many better nutritional values. Its pods contain a big amount of protein. Many other kinds of fodder are grown separately for camels, buffaloes, cows, sheep and goats.

Planting a variety of trees, shrubs, creepers and bushes is now possible in Kutch to provide the requirements of both human-beings and animals.


The Flora of Kutch is simply distributed in the following zones: The Coastal zone, The Central Hilly and Dry Deciduous zone, The Banni zone and Grass.

The Coastal zone:

Khajur or Kharek Phoenix Sylvestris
Dariyai Khip Leptadenia Sparitium (wild)
Saru Cassuarina Equisetifolia
Dariyai Kans Halopyrum Mucronatum
Neem or Limdo Melia Azadirachta
Thor Euphorbia Tirucalli (wild)
Lano or Luna Sueda Maritima (wild)
Aval Cassia Auriculata (wild)
Bor or Ber Zyzyphus Jujuba (wild)
Coconut Cocos Nucifera

The Central Hilly and Dry Deciduous zone:

Gando Bawal Prosopis Juliflora
Desi Bawal Acacia Nilotica
Khijdo or Kando Prosopis Cineraria
Khakhro Butea Frondosa
Jar or Pilu Salvadora Persica
Thor Euphorbia Tirucallis
Neem or Limdo Melia Azadirachta
Aval Cassia Auriculata
Ambli or Imli Tamarindus Indica
Aritha Sapindus Emarainatus
Jambu or Jamun Eugenia Jambolana
Gugal Balesmodendron Mukul
Nagphunny Cactus Indicus
Piplo or Pipal Ficus Religiosa
Lai Tamarix Gallica
Vad Ficus Bengalenesis
Bor or Ber Zyzyphus Jujuba (wild)

The Banni zone

Gando Bawal Prosopis Juliflora
Desi Bawal Acacia Nilotica
Kerdo or Keri Capparis
Pilu Salvadora
Lai Tamarix


In the Kutchi local language, many varieties of grass called ‘Gha' and it grows in Banni. There are almost 28 varieties of grass in Banni. Some of the varieties of grass are Valo, Baru, Phulio, Khari, Adhau, Kanj, Vans etc.

The Fauna of Kutch

The vast land of Kutch has long seashore and vast deserts which provide Kutch a extraordinary variety of wild life attracting a large number of avifauna. Some important and special wild lives found in Kutch are given below:


Chinkara (Gazella Gazella) (local name Chinkara) and the wild asses (Equus Onager Indicus) were found near the little rann of Kutch.

Neelgai or Blue Bull (Bojh), Wild Boar or Jungli Budhar (Sus Scrofa), Indian Wolf (Canis Lepus), Jackal or Shiyad (Canis Auresug), striped Hyena or Jharak (Hyena Hyonna), Desert Hare or Sasla (Lepus Nigricollis Outchensis), Indian Fox or Lonkadi (Vulpe Bengalenisis), Mongoose or Nolia (Herpestus Smithi), besides some jungli cats, desert cats, Pangolin, Indian Porcupine and long eared hedgehod are also found in Kutch.

The Indian Hare (Lepus Nigricollis) is commonly found in the open fields. The Caracal is the rarest animal found in Kutch.


Many kinds of reptiles including snakes are also available in Kutch.Some of these reptiles are commonluy found like Crocodile or Mugger, Monitor Lizard or Patla Gho, Kutch Rock Gecho (Garodi), Desert Monitor Lizard, spiny-tailed lizard or Sanda (Uromastyx Hardwicki), flat-tailed lizard or Khann, Starred Tortoise and fresh water turtle (Lissemus Puctata) etc.


As usual, there are two kinds of snakes found in Kutch: Poisonous and Non-Poisonous.

Black Krait, Black Cobra (Najatripudians), Russels Viper (Vipera Russeli), Saw Scaled Viper (Echlis Carinatus), Sea Snake (Hydrophis Spiralis) etc. are poisonous snakes, while Python ( Python Molurus), Sand Boa (Eryx Conicus), Rat Snake (Piyas Mucosus), Royal Snake (Zamenis Diadema) etc. are non-poisonous snakes.


Many species of Frogs and Toads are also seen in Kutch.


Kutch has many varieties of fishes. They are found in the Gulf of Kutch, in creeks, in the backwaters of the sea and also in the fresh water.




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