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Many different types of minerals are found in Kutch like Agate, Bauxite, Gypsum, sand stone, Bentonite, china clay, silica sand, Lignite, lime stone etc. Semi precious stone Agate is also known as Gomed. Rock crystals-Amythist or Neelmani and other precious stones are also found in different parts of Kutch. Minerals are controlled by Gujarat Minerals Development Corporation (GMDC).

Bauxite is a metallic mineral. A big size Aluminium plant could be established in the section for production of Bauxite. Bauxite contains 50% Aluminium Oxide. It is mostly found in Mandvi and Abdasa Talukas. It is used for many catalytic substance applying and for producing a number of aluminous chemicals like Aluminium Sulphate, Alum and Alumina.

Bentonite is also known as ‘Weathered Basalt'. Bentonite has a very good quality of export market. Bentonite has brought Kutch on the world mineral map. Sodium based Bentonite is used in steel plant, oil investigation, medicines etc. The royalty charge on Bentonite has gone very high because of the Government of Gujarat. Bentonite is found in almost green or brown colours, but sometimes it is also found in red colour. Bentonite is available in Bhachau, Rapar, Anjar, Bhuj, Mandvi, Abdasa, Mundra, Nakhatrana and Lakhpat Talukas. Bentonite is also used for workshop, sand bond, polarization of iron solid, drilling dirt, activated bleaching soil, civil engineering, refectories, ceramics, pharmaceutical aid, welding, electrode, fillers, insecticides etc. Bentonite is controlled by the department of Mining. Two types of Bentonite are seen in Kutch: Sodium Predominant and Calcium Predominant.

China Clay is also called Kaoiline. It is mostly used in potteries and ceramics. It is found in Bhuj, Lakhpat and Rapar Talukas. It is also used in paper, paint and pharmaceutical industries. Department of Mining also controls Kaoiline.

Two types of Gypsum are normally found in Kutch: Marine Gypsum and Mining Gypsum. Gypsum is usually found in Adesar and in other parts. Gypsum is used as plaster of Paris, manufacturing of paints, crayons and paper etc. It is also used as natural fertilizer, surgical plaster, dental plaster, cement etc. It is also controlled by the department of Mining.

Lignite is also known as ‘Brown Coal' or ‘Tertiary Coal'. Lignite is produced 95% in Kutch except the other minerals of Kutch. All other minerals are produced only 5%. It is found in brown colour. Mostly, it is found in Nakhatrana, Lakhpat and Mandvi Talukas. Lignite is used as a raw material for set up of power plant, for exploration of fuel and for power production. Lignite is controlled by GMDC. Kutch Thermal Plant of 140 MW capacity at Pandhro is based on the Lignite mineral.

Lime stone is found all over Kutch, especially in Lakhpat and Abdasa Talukas. Lime stone is used for manufacturing cement, as a building stone, as a flux in the metallurgy industry, for manufacturing Calcium Carbide and Calcium Cyanide etc. Lime stone is also controlled by the department of Mining.

Sand stone is normally found in Dahinsara, Naranpur, Palara, Shedada, Mathal Meghpur, Moti Wandh, Ravapur, Kotada-Roha, Manghwena, Mamura and in other places of Kutch. Sand stone is used as a building raw material and it is controlled by the local panchayat of Kutch. Sand stone can easily been cut into blocks and it is available in white, light purple, reddish brown and cream yellow.

High grade Silica sand and glass Silica sand are found in Anjar Taluka. Silica is the mineral of 21st century. Normally, Silica is found in Nadapa and Mamuara villages in Bhuj Taluka, Sapeda and Nagalpar in Anjar Taluka, in Bhachau Taluka and in Lakhpat Taluka. Silica is used in glass industries and for manufacturing of Sodium Silicates. Department of Mining also controls Silica mineral. Silica washing plants are established in the village of Bhachau Taluka.

Ochre, Petroleum and Laterite are the other minerals found in Kutch. Ochre is generally known as ‘Gheru'. It is found in red, white or yellow colours. Survey indicates availability of petroleum reserves in Abdasa Taluka. Low grade Bauxite containing more iron is called Laterite and it is used for cement manufacturing.





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